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Ever wish you could freeze time? I sure do! I've been making that wish ever since my youngest child turned 2. Oh, how I love the way a preschooler thinks. Every day something comes out of his mouth that cracks me up! What a gift it is to laugh together.

Maybe it's because my oldest is now 12 and I just can't believe 12 years have passed since he joined the world, but I truly cherish every stage of my children's growth. I can't think of any better way to hold on to those precious memories than by sprinkling the walls of my home with beautiful images that reflect the essence of each of my 3 unique children during their growing-up years.

Pictures don't whine....pictures don't argue.....pictures don't talk back!!! No, pictures of your children fill your heart with love until it bubbles over and you can't resist grinning from ear to ear. Best of all, pictures don't grow up.

If you are like me, and you see those growing-up years slipping by way too quickly, it's time to contact me to freeze time for you! I will bless your family with priceless artwork so you'll never forget your newborn's tiny toes, your baby's toothless grin, the mischief written all over your toddler's face, or the funny way your child's nose wrinkles when she giggles. Allow me to assist you in decorating the walls of your home with memories that will bring joy and peace to all who walk through its halls for years to come.